Símula was founded in 1988. Initially worked with the development of software for production planning and production programming that need complex optimization algorithms. At that time the company developed solutions for big companies like Alcan, Alcoa, Champion, Copersucar, Cutrale, Ripasa, Suzano, Votorantim and Witron (in Germany).

In the late 1990s, Símula decided to focus it's activities, concentrating efforts in the development of software for the paper industries, the corrugated paper box industries and industries that cut metal rolls:

TrimBox: Software for the corrugated paper box industries.

TrimPaper: Software for the paper industries

TrimRoll: Software for industries that cut metal rolls

Now Símula is the brazilian leader in this segment and has the most complete algorithm in it's area.


Located in a business condominium, Símula is installed in an owned property, structured with meeting and training rooms, with easy access by the ring road, for those coming from the VCP-Viracopos International Airport, from São Paulo or other cities in the interior of the state.

The condominium has a Heliport.

Technical Staff

It has a team of production engineers, electronic engineers, chemical engineers, computer engineers and systems analysts, that is, a complete team. The majority of these professionals have more than 10 years of experience in the area they work.

Software Features

Even though they perform very complex calculations internally, the software from Simula are very simple to be used. The screens are clear and intuitive, using the language of the shop floor, so that even professionals unfamiliar with the modules can use them in a short time.

Solutions can be deployed in any enterprise, even if the information initially available is few or inaccurate. In the first stage they can be implemented in a simplified way and, in a second phase, gradually detailed, inducing the organization of the companies. And the implementation sequence of the modules can be shaped according to the customer's priorities.

With well-defined procedures, the software help companies in ISO 9000 certification.

Avenida Cambacica, 520, Conjunto 701 Parque dos Resedas • CEP 13097-160 • Campinas - SP