Símula Token

For Símula, information security is a fundamental pillar for the company’s success. Our data, systems, and processes are valuable assets that need to be protected against all types of threats. Therefore, we developed the Simula Token, a tool that plays a crucial role in ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.


What is the Simula Token?

The Simula Token is an algorithm developed by Símula to generate temporary and unique codes, effectively identifying and authorizing all access to our systems, applications, and resources.

Advantages of the Simula Token

  • Strengthened Authentication: The Simula Token adds an extra layer of authentication, reducing the risk of unauthorized access, especially to our clients’ sensitive information.
  • Agility: With the Simula Token, we can optimize user identification processes, making our services significantly more agile.

How to obtain the token?

If your Símula system (Trimbox, Trimpaper, etc.) has a SimulaLib version above 8.16.0, you can obtain the support token through the help menu as shown in the images below

Token Trimbox Token Trimpaper Tela do Token

How to obtain the token if my system does not have the “Token Support” option in the help menu?

If your Símula system (Trimbox, Trimpaper, etc.) does not have the “Token Support” option in the help menu, it is possible to obtain the token through a specific report created by Símula. To access the report, navigate through the Reports/Reports menu or Reports/Specific and find the report “Token para atendimento Símula”

Token Trimbox Token Trimpaper